Are you coming for our Deliverance program?


Our deliverance programs are free

All deliverance candidates are however required to stay in the premises.

We have limited space in the prayer house. We currently  11 rooms and have twenty two beds in the prayer house. So candidates will share rooms and bathroom but have own beds.

Everyone is required to also pay for their post deliverance resources. We have noticed that people don’t come with the recommended funds for the books, messages etc that they will need to maintain their deliverance. The resources will include and sd drive of messages that they can take home and play round the clock in your homes, cars offices etc.
Making it $150 per person and $150 for resources.


Remember that if you don’t show up, you forfeit your money because it will have blocked out the accommodation. Cancelation has to be done prior to the first of the month in which the program will take place.


Extra Days will be $50 per person and please inform us if you will be needing extra days and pay accordingly.

We have female and male rooms only and no rooms for couples or families. By Gods grace we will be adding more rooms once we finish with the building.  God bless you.

Click below for accommodation.

Monthly Deliverance Accomodation

Monthly Deliverance Accomodation

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