7 Weeks of 7 Prophets titled” MY GLORY MUST MANIFEST”

5th Week : 31st October. – November 3rd with Dr Stella Immanuel


Thursday 31st October ——————–6pm – 9pm

Friday. 1st. November———————-6pm. – 9pm

Saturday 2nd. November(POWER MUST CHANGE HANDS)———9am – 12noon

Saturday 2nd. November(MARITAL DELIVERANCE )Fruit of the womb, singles, married welcomed —————–5pm -8pm

Sunday 3rd November(WORSHIP SERVICE)————————–9am – 12noon

Sunday 3rd November(ANOINTING SERVICE)————————6pm – 9pm



Attached prayer points on ‘Quenching The Rage’ are from our General Overseer, Dr. D. K. Olukoya.

It is designed for 2 weeks to be prayed between 12am-12:30am (mid-night) daily for the 2 weeks.

Please pass this on to all prayer partners

Quenching The Rage


Dr Stella Immanuel Ministering at Friday Seven Hours with God Women’s Deliverance Night

And Saturday Afternoon – Increase the Fire

Womemens conf Chi


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6 Signs: Apostle or Want-A-Be?

not real apostle

Real Apostle or Want-a-be…Not everybody is an apostle. We need apostles, but we need the real deal. Let’s try to separate the real deal from the marketing hype. To begin let’s see what all apostles can have and then start to separate the real apostle from the want-a-be apostle. First, both can have meetings, conferences, seminars, and prayer lines. Both can get on television, radio, or in a magazine. Both can have a Facebook page. Both can write a book. Both can organize a great Internet web site. Even with all of that we still can’t tell who the real apostles are. So now let’s introduce other aspects beyond the business card or marketed hoopla.


All apostles are called by the Lord. The Apostle Paul is our example. Scripture says, “Paul, an apostle, not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead” (Galatians 1:1). Notice Paul was called by the Lord Jesus Christ and not by the head of a marketplace apostolic network, denomination, or even a mystical prophetic presbytery. Paul, like many true apostles that I have met around the world, had a supernatural encounter with the Lord (Acts 9). Continue reading »


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Youth Deliverance! Praise Night! Impartation!

Get your children’s mind ready for the next Academic year

Teens and College Kids Welcomed

Learning Problems! Inability to concentrate!

Jump start your children’s minds with the Holy Ghost Fire

Rebellious and trouble children welcomed

Destiny changing prayers and impartation over your children

youth conference

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